John S. Baras, Ph.D.

Dr. John S. Baras, Chief Scientist with AIMS, received his Ph. D. in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University and is internationally known for his research in control and communication systems where he has made several fundamental contributions for which he was elected a Fellow of the IEEE. Dr. Baras, has more than fifteen years of experience in research and development of real-time signal processing and understanding systems, related computer architectures, stochastic systems and sophisticated design tools. He has more than one hundred technical publications and is the editor of two books. He has received several research awards including the 1980 IEEE Control Systems Society outstanding paper award and two Research Publication Awards from the NRL for his work on EW. Since 1973 he has been with the Electrical Engineering Department of the University of Maryland where he is currently a Professor. From 1985 to 1991 he was the Director of the prestigious Institute for Systems Research, which he founded, and currently serves as the Co-Director of the NASA Center of Excellence on Hybrid Communications at the University of Maryland at College Park. He has received many research awards. In February of 1990, Dr. Baras was appointed to the distinguished Martin Marietta Chair in Systems Engineering at the University of Maryland. Dr. Baras has consulted extensively with government and industry. He is also the winner of the University of Maryland's Invention of the Year Award (1992) for the design of a high quality 4.8Kbit/s Code Excited Linear Predictive speech coding system with a record setting codebook search complexity. Dr. Baras was a member of the IEEE Engineering R&D Committee (1985-1989), a member of the Advanced Sensors Committee of the Aerospace Industries Association (1988-89) and currently serves on the IEEE Fellow evaluation committee and the Board of Governors of the IEEE Control Systems Society.