AIMS  is a woman-owned small-business incorporated in 1986 to provide engineering and development services to industry and government in the areas of automation, information and management systems. AIMS' corporate headquarters is located in Rockville, Maryland. The primary technology thrust of AIMS  is to transfer advanced development concepts for automation and information systems into software and hardware products having a wide applicability. Foci of particular attention have been: image processing, object recognition, voice processing systems and sensor systems (SAR, mmWave radar, LADAR, FLIR and medical imaging sensors). The development of signal processing and understanding systems is a central element of the AIMS  business plan, which includes many commercial applications. The engineers and scientists of AIMS  have extensive experience in conventional and unconventional image and voice processing techniques that includes current and previous DOD contracts with the Naval Research Laboratory, DARPA, the US Army Night-Vision Laboratory, the US Army Research Office, the Harry Diamond Laboratory as well as the National Institutes of Health and a variety of commercial clients.

Our mission at AIMS  is to provide the client with the most effective and efficient solutions utilizing innovative ideas, advanced analytical skills and state-of-the art software and hardware technology. We aim at designing and implementing systems of higher performance but lower cost. AIMS  technical, scientific and management resources possess a versatile mix of talents and capabilities that has applied successful solutions in several diverse areas of our business operations.

A primary focus in pursuing our mission is the successful completion and delivery of required products and services within time and budget constraints. AIMS  is committed to providing a project team approach to meet the technical demands of each contract. The company's staff and associated consultants form a dynamic group with broad expertise in scientific research, systems engineering, computer science, physics, program management, acquisition planning and technical support services. The majority of our staff holds graduate degrees.

To maintain its status in the leading edge of the technology field, AIMS  utilizes a dynamic network of active cooperative agreements and teaming arrangements with universities, research institutes, key companies and corporate industry leaders worldwide.